Our company is composed of a group of people including engineers, technicians, sales people and operators who have a final and priority objective, excellence in their work and the satisfaction of the user of our products.
For each member of TECNOMEC, our machines are more than welding inverters and plasma cutting, they are a legacy of our personality and knowledge that we intend to represent us with dignity and for a long time in the market.
Our philosophy is clear, innovative ideas, last generation technology and national production.
For TECNOMEC, the satisfaction of our customers is the first objective, success in sales is a logical consequence of a job well done.
There are many ways to propose a new product, from an economic perspective, from an aesthetic approach, even from a technological innovation.
TECNOMEC always starts a development for quality.
Our products MUST meet increasingly high and demanding quality standards that we impose on ourselves.
For TECNOMEC, it is not enough for the equipment to comply with the regulations in force in each region of the world where we sell our equipment, but also to fully comply with all its functions in the most unfavorable and demanding real conditions found in each job be in the most robotized plant in Germany, as in the most remote pipeline in Siberia.
All information provided by users or customers of WeldCut Punto Plasma S.L. It will be used only to respond to your queries as well as to inform you of new products or other information related to the company in case they give their permission.
We guarantee that the data provided by users will not be shared with third parties or companies and will be treated in accordance with the Organic Law 15/99 of December 13 on Protection of Personal Data and the rest of current regulations in Spain.
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